mercredi 27 décembre 2006

Jouets d'autrefois

Source : Mary Evans Picture Library.

Vous trouverez plus de 600 autres images en écrivant Toys dans la fenêtre de recherche.

2 commentaires:

pk a dit...

That's crazy!!

2 minutes ago I made a post. One image is the same as you have here.

I was sorry that there were no more pictures from this book online.

And I come here and you have found them!!! Excellent! And crazy!

Merci et bonne année 2007 Christian.

pk a dit...

OOps. Not all of these pictures are from the same book (I think 3 are).

Oh well - I got very excited, heh.

Still, it's very very strange that we both post the same image and I come here first stop!

Time to buy a lottery ticket!